Golden Ducks Spreading it’s wings…

Posted by methystic on Wednesday 23rd February, 2011

The Golden Ducks were feeling a little sad to exclude all the advertisements outside our little home land of Luxembourg. So we have decided to open up to accept international nominations. No matter where your nest be we look forward to all your crazy advertisements worthy of a bit of naming and shaming!

From now on all advertisements can be entered through the main site We will keep the Luxembourg version as catalogue of what was before.

Feel free to reach out and touch wings

Many Quacks

The Duck Steering Committee

SPACE ODDITY – 2010 promo

Posted by methystic on Monday 22nd February, 2010

Quack Control to Major Duck. Parody of David Bowie’s Space Oddity video [] for the Golden Ducks, Alternative Design & Communication Awards – 2010 promo.

With special thanks to Michel Tereba [], Tomas Bremin, Carlos Ferreira. Camille Tran-Phat. Rebecca Bremin & Alexander Bremin

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Posted by Linda on Tuesday 13th October, 2009

Everyday Normal Duck

Posted by methystic on Tuesday 17th February, 2009

Special thanks to Jeremy Paul for the video, Cico for the music production [], Sugafree [] & of course Jon Lajoie for the inspiration you’re a ducking hero! [].

Ruling the roads!

Posted by methystic on Wednesday 11th February, 2009

EuroDNS & DJ L@te & Nutz Annoucement

Posted by methystic on Monday 9th February, 2009

EuroDNS has joined our esteemed list of sponsors for the 2009 event. We also wish to announce a live performance with DJ L@te & Nutz.

Duck Family Tree

Posted by methystic on Tuesday 3rd February, 2009

Duck relatives perhaps? Click to see full chart.

Tweet Tweet on Twitter

Posted by methystic on Tuesday 27th January, 2009

The Golden Ducks have starting tweeting on Twitter… Follow our antics!

The Golden Ducks 2009

Posted by methystic on Wednesday 21st January, 2009

The annual Golden Ducks, Alternative Design & Communication Awards has returned for a 4th Edition. And let it be said these will be the ONLY Design & Communication Awards this year! Sadly the official event couldn’t get it together. It was a boring old ceremony anyway!!!

26th February 2009
Starts: 20h30
Exit07 [Carre Rotundes]
1, rue de l’Aciérie, Luxembourg [Hollerich]


More announcements to come…

This year is sponsored by:
Exit [Carres Rotundes]

One of the Golden Ducks is gonna get it!!!

Posted by methystic on Tuesday 20th January, 2009


Video – Film Director/ Enthusiast

Posted by methystic on Thursday 3rd July, 2008

The Golden Duck is looking to make a movie appearance and needs your help. Soft porn director didn’t give him the fame he was seeking and so now he is branching out to star in his own production, produced by him, written by them, filmed by you.

The Golden Ducks are the Alternative Design & Communication Awards for Luxembourg. The Duck is looking to create a video diary/blog of creative movie clips in the lead up to next years event.

We are looking for somebody who’s happy to work for beer. We need to create a few clips of video (no more then 1-3 minutes long) over the next 6 months or so. Job benefits include hanging out with the Duck and yours truly…

Only real requirement is that you own a video camera, like making movies (serious, soft porn or otherwise) and love Golden Ducks…

Please reply via email to dc002 (AT)…

Golden Ducks heralded an all round success

Posted by methystic on Sunday 2nd March, 2008

The Golden Ducks 2008 proved to be a more popular event then anticipated with over twice as many attendees as previous years. The Viking Bar was packed with eager voyeurs of all things duckie. Agencies attending this year included Comed, Advantage, Pushthebrand.

Golden Ducks 2008

Here are the winners of the 2008 Golden Ducks, Alternative Design & Communication Awards – The Ducklympics.


Agency: Unknown
Client: Splendid

Agency: Comed
Client: L’Essentiel
Agency: Moskito
Client: VOX Mobile

Agency: Mikado
Client: Fortis

Agency: No longer in existence
Client: SwissLife
Agency: Bizart
Client: Firstfloor

Agency: Unknown
Client: Alima

Agency: Piranha
Client: Piranha

Agency: Advantage
Client: Luxair

THE WLQ (all awards are tongue & cheek and are not intended to be taken as a serious reflection on the winners)
Agency: Creatx

Agency: Unknown
Client: Nashuatec

As decided by the audience on the evening.
Agency: Comed
Client: L’Essentiel

We’d like to extend many thanks to all those that helped out with the organisation of the event. In particular: Louis and crew at the Viking, Cico & T-Bo for the music, Mary Carey for hosting and with out exception our Sponsors: Lancelot, Usina and Datacenter.

You can now make nominations for the 2009 Golden Ducks. Click Here to send us your nomination.

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