Of all the advertisements, which is the one that drives you the craziest? Which advertisement has you scratching your head wondering what the Duck it’s all about? Which one has you shaking your head for the lack of creativity? What ads have you in fits of laughter because of the bad copy?

It is about time to name and shame these purveyors of questionable communication and the clients that pay for them… Introducing The Golden Ducks, Alternative Design & Communication Awards.

The first Golden Ducks ceremony was held in Luxembourg on 22nd February 2006, concentrating on the small, but regularly questionable communications of the Grand Ducky.  Now in its 5th year the event has become a full scale operation and has a loyal fan base of ad agencies and punters alike.

The Golden Ducks are this year branching out and stepping out of Luxembourg and heading to Berlin in spring 2010!

The Categories:

Decoy: Entries with the least evidence of real professional execution!
Déjà -vu: Entries that have a striking resemblance – excellence in the field of plagiarism or copy tactics!
Duckling: Irreverent in its attempt to appeal to the pubescent!
Einstein: Above average intelligence required!
Fromage: Excellence in the field of creating something completely cheesy!
Lost in Translation: Superior fail in the translation of copy, straplines, or context!
Nudist: Most obvious attempt in use of nudity or sexual inneundo for lack of anything else!
Quack: Most creative use of an animal cousin!
We Don’t Quack It! (WDQI): Distinction in failing to deliver an actual message!
What a load of Quack! (WLQ): That website, frankly… what a load of Quack!
We Quack It! (WQI): Excellence in the delivery of a cliché!
What the Duck?: Remarkable execution in obscurity!

Grand Duck: for all round quackness and superior duckology!

Keep on Quacking!

The Duck Steering Committee